Monday, January 31, 2011


(Poem that accomponies my sermon Gideon's Purge from Judges 6-7)

I think I heard the Lord say “purge

To cleanse, remove, deny the urge...

To allow my light & this world's sin to merge

Sin says "you’ve been good & deserve to splurge"

Sin goes on to say "God’s too good to scourge"

"Shoot if you fall, you’ll emerge..."

"This is America, respect the urge."

I think I heard the Lord say verge

Of where wisdom and power and revival emerge

Of when God’s word & love & will converge

Baptizing us in the Spirit’s surge

Filling us with love’s overwhelming gurge

Till God’s ways and my ways soon diverge

To live like this, Lord, I’ll need your “curge

Cause I know I heard the Lord say to purge.

©Alexander Gee Jr 2011