Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Payoff: Hush Money (Matt 28:5-15 NIV) Sunday, April 14

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Message: The Payoff: Hush Money (Matt 28:5-15 NIV)

Series: The Resurrection Report: What Eyewitnesses Said They Saw.

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Application, Challenge & Next Steps:

*Thrust of sermon is that satan still tries to bribe us be silent about the full truth of what we believe about Jesus’ power! He believes that if we’re silent...the resurrection will lose some of its a way, he’s right!

I want the guards story to become our story. I want his conviction to become ours. We can give the bribery $$$ back!


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Judas...they world’s most notorious traitor...somehow knew that he deserved death more than reward for what he’d done.

  • Before harming himself...he returned the money
  • He thought he could live with himself with the blood money...
  • He refused to die with himself with the blood money...

  • ▻We try to keep the bribery $$$ and still worship Jesus!

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What’s your price?

What did the system offer you to keep silent about what you know about Jesus?

  • Prestige?
  • Popularity?
  • Comfort?
  • Normalcy?
  • Safety?

▻Perhaps we aren’t silent about Jesus’ resurrection...but we’re silent...or indifferent...about our own resurrection.

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The call from God today isn’t to punish us for our comprise and our hush money

The call of God today is to enjoy the power of His Son’s Resurrection and to become a part of the Kingdom that God has established.... His Son Jesus is the Sovereign Ruler over that Kingdom.

Stop being silent!

▻Stop being silent about your faith, your healing, your miracles, your dreams, your call. (Pray for boldness)
▻Stop being silent out of lack of information (Get into God’s word)
▻Stop being silent out of fear. Accept Jesus’ resurrection power into your life. (Pray with someone)

Revolutionary Ambassadors!

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In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell, Author
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Nothing beats a lie like the truth!” Big Mama, Grandmother

Introduction to Sermon..... (Jesus sets the record straight)

Being lied on wasn’t a new experience for Jesus

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Message Title: Revolutionary Ambassadors!
Message Series: The Resurrection Report
Message Goal: To help believers to grasp their sentness 

✔In Matt 28 Jesus sends his followers out as Ambassadors to a hostile world and fully expects them to complete their tasks.

✔What is so significant about what Jesus is saying and doing?

✔Jesus restored meaning to the lives of the men and women who thought they’d lost purpose after Jesus’ arrest, conviction and execution.

  • We’ve lost this. Families and churches should preach this. (Our secret weapon)
    • My personal story and the sense of purpose, importance and honor I felt!
    • How man kids that God has a plan for them? How many adults??

Jesus’ resurrection was true and that truth on human lips created a movement on Earth that carries weight and momentum to this day.

How the disciples attended his appearance, according to the appointment
  • They went into Galilee, a long journey to go for one sight of Christ, but it was worth while. 
(Now was the time that he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once, 1 Cor. 15:6.)
That they worshipped him;
  • Some doubted
Christ now is sending them out as his ambassadors, and here gives them their credible tools.
In opening this great charter, we may observe two things:
Jesus received himself from the Father. Being about to authorize his apostles, if any ask by what authority he doeth it, and who gave him that authority, here he tells us. 
✔The commission he gives to those whom he sent forth; Go ye therefore. This commission is given.
Go, and fear not, have I not sent you? Go, and make a business of this work. 
  • As an eagle stirs up her nest, flutters over her young, to excite them to fly (Deut. 32:11), so Christ stirs up his disciples, to disperse themselves over all the world. (2.) 
How far his commission is extended; to all nations. Go, and disciples all nations
Secondly, That salvation by Christ should be offered to all. 
Thirdly, The kingdoms of the world should become Christ’s kingdoms, and their kings the church’s nursing-fathers.
*Commission: Authorize someone. Authority is entrusted. Business is delegated.
  • We were sent by God
  • God was already at work
  • We don’t work for God...we work from God.

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Challenge/Next Steps:

  • Commit yourself to becoming a Christ follower if you have not done so

  • Ask God to help you believe that He has a great purpose for your life

  • Acknowledge your doubt and commit to studying God’s word so that you will have the power to overcome doubt with proof and faith

  • Receive prayer to overcome the emotional barriers, guilt, fear and deception that keep you from your sentness

  • Go! Be a light.