Sunday, May 10, 2015

Capable Christians (Expecting Pentecost Series)

(Mini Series) Expecting Pentecost: 1.Power; 2.Glory; 3.Revelation 

These all drive purpose! These all promote humility!

The Lord said to Moses, “When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the wonders I have given you the power to do. But I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go. (Ex 4.21)

(OT figures experienced a phenomenon that allowed them to receive a grace and superhuman capability to perform exploits for God. However, it didn’t remain with them. Some of these characters were Moses, Gideon, Samson, David, etc.)


But you will receive *power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1.8)

*Strength; Adequate power (alludes us if we hoard it); *Personal Power (it was within their souls…it remained); Perpetual (endless supply) Power

Today’s Message: Capable Christians

*Power (ability, efficiency, and might)

  • This power transfuses us when the Spirit comes on us!
    • overshadows; overcomes; overwhelms; supersedes; overrides

Power: The ability of God to complete a task that has eternal benefits & repercussions 

However, many of us are merely capable…

Capability implies unrealized potential; Ability, on the other hand, implies possibility…

"John is able to read" means John can read without doubt, whereas "John is capable of reading" means John has all the necessary brain power and whatnot to be able to read but the question of whether or not he can read at the moment is left unsaid (although the fact that someone does say "John is capable of reading" probably means John can't read right now).


Again and again they put God to the test; they vexed the Holy One of Israel. Psalm 78:41NIV)

41 Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel. Psalm 78:41(KJV)

  • Limited (Pained. Scrap into pieces. Implies ending a process.)

  • What did Israel vex and how did they limit?
  • They vexed God by not realizing Who God was
  • They also vexed God…and themselves…by not realizing who they were
  • They didn’t pass the news of the Covenant (agreement) along to the next generation.

In a society where power and access are often hoarded, and shared only with those who benefit the causes of those hoarding it…God is pleading with us to share in His power!

His power! His purpose! To insure His desired outcomes!!

God’s wishes to accomplish A Divine Plan using your live…

Will you be able to complete the task or merely capable of great things?