Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Yo' Move (Challenges for the week)

Challenges: It's Yo' Move!

  1. Where are you stuck in life/ministry/relationships thinking that you’re waiting on God for the next move?

  1. How is God’s Covenant with you different than any other relationship you have?

  1. Where are you most prone to to break Covenant with God due to disobedience?

  1. Just knowing you have a Covenant with God should change our entire attitude about life, our lifestyle, our confidence, our relationships and our intimacy with God. Do you understand the Covenant? Strive to do so.

  1. Phone #: 530-881-1000 Participant Access Code: 651737#

  1. God is commited to you becasue of Jesus & His sacrifice. We owe God Allegiance, Praise, Obedience and a Testimony!!

On The Brink: It's Yo' Move!

It’s Yo’ Move: (You’re on the Brink of your Conquest) 1/29/12

Jordan = last obstacle before crossing into promise. It’s a conquest.

  • You’ve gotta lay something down something personal and God’s gotta remove something!! (Ai)

(Jordan= Human failed efforts meet God’s power)

  1. The children of Israel had wandered for nearly a half-millennium without permanent home
  2. Most of that time was as slaves of Pharaoh
  3. An add’l 40 years as slaves to their own fear and rebellion.
  4. God was still committed to them! Why? His ‣COVENANT!!!

God moves then waits to see if His covenanted people will act in obedience!

God’s Move

Joshua/Others’ Move

God called Abraham

Abraham obeyed and left homeland

God called Abraham & offered a Promise

Abraham obeyed and went to Egypt

God gave A. promises re: Isaac

God asked A. to sacrifice Isaac

God sends Moses to top rung of Egypt

God calls Moses to destroy the system that trained him in military, leadership, economics, government, etc.

God gave His rescued people miracles of plaques and the Red Sea

They held to the slave mentality and couldn’t see beyond their giants & their memories.

God called Moses to the Covenanted Place He’d give A.

Moses disobeyed and could not enter into the full promise.

Josh is told that Moses is dead

Be strong, courageous, obey and meditate on His word

God promised the Land again

Joshua had the people to prepare themselves

God told the priest to go first and that the waters would open

They did...He did!

God closed the River...

They never looked back!

God told them to take stones from the river and to make a memorial

They did!

The Lord exalted Joshua & The Canaanite Kings melted with fear over J’s God

Re instituted Passover and circumcision @ an inopportune time.

God stopped Manna!!

Jericho was lockup up & gave told them to march around or 7 days

They did and the walls fell

God asked for full devotion

Joshua lost battle of Ai. Joshua tore clothes all day and questioned God’s progress

God said get up...there’s sin in the camp and you must uproot it or I won’t be with you!

Joshua scrutinized the entire camp and found Achan and his stolen plunder

Don’t be afraid and discouraged...I have given you victory

Joshua then attached Ai again and won

J. took the men to Mt Ebal, copied the Law on Stones and read in the hearing of the people as they stood there

This was the same place where Abraham sacrificed to God after the Covenant was given 600 years prior!

Deuteronomy 11:26-32

26 See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse— 27 the blessing if you obey the commands of the LORD your God that I am giving you today; 28 the curse if you disobey the commands of the LORD your God and turn from the way that I command you today by following other gods, which you have not known. 29 When the LORD your God has brought you into the land you are entering to possess, you are to proclaim on Mount Gerizim the blessings, and on Mount Ebal the curses. 30 As you know, these mountains are across the Jordan, westward, toward the setting sun, near the great trees of Moreh, in the territory of those Canaanites living in the Arabah in the vicinity of Gilgal. 31 You are about to cross the Jordan to enter and take possession of the land the LORD your God is giving you. When you have taken it over and are living there, 32 be sure that you obey all the decrees and laws I am setting before you today.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

On The Brink: A Favorable Position

On The Brink: A Favorable Position

Favorable Position= Mindset that acknowledges the presence of God’s plan @ all times.

This is the story of a CONQUEST (territorial, geographical, mental, spiritual, theological and personal).

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Josh 1:3

You set your foot i.e.

  • Tuition reimbursement (you get a B ave & you’ll be reimbursed)
  • Jump and I catch you.
  • God “I promise & I must walk it out!”

God basically tells Joshua... “just go...I’m with you!!”

Favor is a serious thing with God because it is NEVER personal...only!!!

    • God is very concerned about the development of the individual being used
    • God doesn’t pick favorites arbitrarily

A person who desires to walk in favor needs to discern the times (seasons, needs, harsh realities, impending dangers, etc.

When God’s call comes...things are already in motion. Time is of the essence.

  • The Favorable Position is the last big step into our promised land/destiny

      • This will either be internal or how you internally process the external. This MAJOR step of victory is totally up to you!!!

    • In Joshua..those who hid idols refused to receive the true blessing of the promised land...which was to be freed of idolatry and worship God

    • They went as far as they could...then God showed up! Favor=the last step of the physical crossing.

Favor=God’s provision for God’s task. Otherwise, God is reduced to a fickle parent and a God of favoritism. This leads to discord and rivalry. True favor is designed for Godly gain, not human devices. (Segue into Joseph’s Story)

People confuse being the favorite and being favored!

Story of Joseph The Dreamer: Blessing or Curse?

  • Favored by his father (Colorful coat)
  • Bratty towards his brothers
  • Ambushed and thrown in a hole
  • Sold into slavery (Midianites)
  • Sold to Ishmeelites
  • Sold to Potiphar, Captain of Egyptian Army
  • Framed by Potiphar’s wife
    • (Test of Character...favor vs. favorite...entitlement vs. discipline and respect for God and man)

  • ☛Because favor is at God’s discretion, it is given on the basis of their usefulness to God...not their maturity, ability or talent.

  • ☛In the case of Joseph, he demonstrated immaturity and brattiness and as a result he suffered things that allowed his character to catch up with his favor!

  • ☛It was several years before he was ready to experience the full power of God and to fulfill the purpose for which he was created, chosen and favored.
      • ☞Human nature is blame God for the delay...= we still lack maturity!

  • ™What impedes your brinking is your refusal of the breaking from the things on which you're banking that aren’t God-centered...hence toxic to your purpose!

™True FAVOR emerges when individuals grasp that theirs and God’s destinies intertwine into what is called PURPOSE.

Challenge for this week: 1. Read about Esther, David, Rahab positioned themselves to be blessed by God. 2. Where are you NOT setting your foot and how is that limiting God? 3. What Character issues is God currently addressing in your life (fear, honesty, integrity, anger, discipline)? 4. Study: Romans 12:2 Don’t be transformed by the renew of your mind; 2 Cor 10.5 Cast down imaginations and reasonings that compete against truth;

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Gen 50.20

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get To Stepping'

On The Brink Series
Sermon Title: Get To Steppin’ (Extending Your Territory)
Sunday, January 15, 2012

Background Points:
Joshua took steps towards favor...he wasn’t merely lucky (The Cost Ex 17, Num 14)
He believed; He aligned himself with God’s leader;

God Almighty:

Moses is dead! “I am not!” (Consider...really consider your Source!)
I am about to give you the Land
I am keeping my promise to Moses (Abraham and Isaac)
No one will be able to stand against you.
I will continue the covenant with you
I will never leave you
Be courageous
Be ☛Strong ( face of opposition) and ☛Courageous (Grip: God’s values, plans, purposes. Phil 3.12)

Other people’s blessings rested on Joshua’s obedience.
Obey the laws of Moses so that success will surely happen.
Meditate on the word so that you’re careful to walk in it
Again, be strong and courageous
Don't be afraid or discouraged
I will be with you wherever you go. (This is a promise that can’t be broken!)

Get you provisions ready! We’re about to cross!

Favor is not for your purpose. It is for God’s Purpose:
A person of purpose must understand this
“I will give you the places where you step” (He’s gone ahead of you)
No one will be able to stand before you (God enemies are yours and your enemies are God’s)

Favor requires more obedience; not less
The people agreed to obey
Joshua sent 2 spies out to Rahab
God will give you unlikely allies when you walk in purpose
The king of Jericho and others heard about the victory of Israel and how God had fought for them.

Chapter 3 Crossing

Follow the Ark (Evidence of God existence and God’s co-existence with Israel).

Understand why God gives miracles. (Make them last!)
Demonstrates His ability, might and concern.

Memorialize Acts of Favor☑
They took 12 stones from the Joran and carried them over to the camp & set them up as a memorial.

Why the Memorial? (Deut 6)
Humans are fickle and forgetful
God made it His duty to:
Give promises
Remember His promises
Deliver His people
Give his people a miracle
Help His people to memorialize His miracle so that it lasts. (Doggy bag!)

What do these stones mean?
Tell them about the dry ground
He treated the Jordan like the Red Sea
He did this it to show his might
He wanted people to always remember Him.
The enemies were frightened

Circumcision was reinstated
If you want the blessings of old promises, you must realign yourself with God.
Fear, pride, disobedience

Challenge: 1. Which of the spiritual disciplines have you left? 2. What steps will you take right now to realign with the Covenant? 3. Are you surrounding yourself with others who understand the urgency of this season?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Familiarity Breeds Complacency: What You Know Can Destroy You!

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Joshua 1:3

On The Brink Series

Sermon Title: Familiarity Breeds Complacency: What You Know Can Destroy You!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Theme: Breaking Old Ties, Remembering Covenants & Building New Strategic Alliances for the Future!

The Fall of Jericho: 13 Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, “Are you for us or for our enemies?”14Neither,” he replied, “but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come.” Then Joshua fell facedown to the ground in reverence, and asked him, “What message does my Lord have for his servant?”15 The commander of the LORD’s army replied, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

Book of Joshua is about Conquest.

  • Land of Promise (Abraham, Moses, Caleb)
  • However, its capture involves retention, distribution & disposing of the wicked (w/i & w/o)

  • The people needed to have their trust put in God (Hear O Israel...Dt 6/Mark 12*)

➢Breaking Old Ties: (...But we’ve always done it that way!)

Human beings are creatures of habit

  • We want what’s familiar because it resonates with our senses
  • Our senses were not given to us from God to replace God...but rather to grasp the beauty of God’s handiwork around us.
    • When we use our sense to predict our future outcomes, we become our own god

Example #1 Children of Israel during the exodus

  • Looked back to Egypt longingly and wished for its resources & security*
  • Preferred a decent burial in bondage than a good living with God in the wilderness
  • God granted their preference and all men military age & older died in the wilderness

Example #2 Descendants of the Children of Israel during the Jordan Crossing

  • Moses is Dead*!”...The Lord was trying to get His people to recognize the leadership shift; the positional shift; the resource shift; location shift.

  • The people needed to have their trust put in God (Hear O Israel...Dt 6/Mark 12*)


✩I’m with you as I was with Moses

✩Joshua lost it in Chapt 7 (God helped him by telling him to consecrate)

➢Remembering Covenants: (Back to the basics...Chapt 5)

  • They crossed in the Canaan
  • Take off your shoes
  • Then they re-instituted a few things: Circumcision (Gilgal= rolling); Passover
    • Manna Ceased

➢Building New Strategic Alliances for the Future!:

  • When the Covenant was observed, God sent Heaven Military Might
  • *Rahab was also a new ally was introduced in Chapt 2


  • Define your default (familiar) weakness when you’re frightened by success?
  • Define your default (familiar) strength when you’re threatened with failure?
  • Are you familiar with God’s Covenant with us? Familiarize yourself with every detail.
  • Is God for you or against you today??

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sermon Title: An Inopportune season; An Opportune Moment: Preparing for God’s Next Suddenly

Deuteronomy 32:36 (NIV)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Title: An Inopportune season; An Opportune Moment: Preparing for God’s Next Suddenly

36 The LORD will vindicate his people and relent concerning his servants when he sees their strength is gone and no one is left, slave or free.

Overview of 2 Kings (Divided Kingdoms)

The second series of stories, once again, consists of those in which Elisha acts in international affairs (Healing Naaman). In each, the northern kingdom is under Syrian (or Aramean) attack. 2Ki 6:8-23, to begin with:

  • Prophet amusingly revealing Syrian war strategies to the Israelite king.
    • Out of frustration, the Syrians attack anyway, but they are miraculously blinded and captured.
  • 2Ki 6:24-7:20:
    • records yet another struggle with the Syrians. Encircled by enemy soldiers,
    • Samaria is plagued by an ever-worsening famine.
    • As a result, the famine passes, the prophetic word is substantiated, and the example of the lepers is preserved.

Note, Unbelief is a sin by which men greatly dishonour and displease God, and deprive themselves of the favours he designed for them. The murmuring Israelites saw Canaan, but could not enter in because of unbelief.

The Attack: Whether the noise was really made in the air by the ministry of angels, or whether it was only a sound in their ears, is not certain; which soever it was, it was from God, who both brings the wind out of his treasures, and forms the spirit of man within him. The sight of horses and chariots had encouraged the prophet’s servant, 2 Kgs. 6:17.

The noise of horses and chariots terrified the hosts of Syria. For notices from the invisible world are either very comfortable or very dreadful, according as men are at peace with God or at war with him. 2 Kgs 6.17

  1. Hearing this noise, they concluded the king of Israel had certainly procured assistance from some foreign power: He has hired against us the kings of the Hittites and the kings of the Egyptians.
      • So they imposed upon themselves by the interpretation they made of it.
      • How could the king of Israel, who was closely besieged, hold intelligence with those distant princes? What had he to hire them with? It was impossible but some notice would come, before, of the motions of so great a host; but there were they in great fear where no fear was.

None of them had so much sense as to send out scouts ... The wicked flee when none pursues.

  • The watchmen on the walls were not aware of the retreat of the enemy, so silently did they steal away.
  • But Providence employed four lepers to be the intelligencers, who had their lodging without the gate, being excluded from the city, as ceremonially unclean...
  • They therefore determine to go over to the enemy, and throw themselves upon their mercy:
  • They feasted in the first tent they came to (2 Kgs. 7:8) and then began to think of enriching themselves with the plunder;
  • But they corrected themselves (2 Kgs. 7:9): “We do not well to conceal these good tidings from the community we are members of, under colour of being avenged upon them for excluding us from their society; it was the law that did it, not they, and therefore let us bring them the news. Though it awake them from sleep, it will be life from the dead to them.” Their own consciences told them that some mischief would befall them if they acted separately, and sought themselves only.
  • Selfish narrow-spirited people cannot expect to prosper;
  • Let not those who, like him, are unstable in all their ways, think to receive any thing from God; nay, a guilty conscience fears the worst and makes men suspicious.
  1. The wealth of the sinner laid up for the just (Job 27:16, 17)

2. The wants of Israel supplied in a way that they little thought of, which should encourage us to depend upon the power and goodness of God in our greatest straits.

A measure of fine flour was sold for a shekel; those that spoiled the camp had not only enough to supply themselves with, but an overplus to sell at an easy rate for the benefit of others, and so even those that tarried at home did divide the spoil,

➢God’s promise may be safely relied on, for no word of his shall fall to the ground.

Isaiah 33:23 23 Your rigging hangs loose: The mast is not held secure, the sail is not spread. Then an abundance of spoils will be divided and even the lame will carry off plunder.

The Lord/Advisor?

He saw the plenty, for the silencing and shaming of his unbelief, corn cheap without opening windows in heaven, and therein saw his own folly in prescribing to God; but he did not eat of the plenty he saw.

1.) How deeply God resents out distrust of him, of his power, providence, and promise. When Israel said, Can God furnish a table? the Lord heard it and was wroth.

God never promises the end without knowing where to provide the means.

He whom the king leaned upon the people trod upon; he who fancied himself the stay and support of the government was trampled under foot as the mire in the streets. Thus hath the pride of men’s glory been often stained.

Let all men fear before the great God

Question/Challenge: How are you preparing for the next suddenly? Are you aware of the nature of God? Do you know his promises? Do your children? Is your expectancy dependent upon your strength? Is your faith limited by your failure? Is God really God to you? Can you stand to be blessed? God is UP to something really big this season! Will you be like the lepers in 2 Kings 2 or the trusted & wise royal advisor. Will you taste victory in this season?