Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Yo' Move (Challenges for the week)

Challenges: It's Yo' Move!

  1. Where are you stuck in life/ministry/relationships thinking that you’re waiting on God for the next move?

  1. How is God’s Covenant with you different than any other relationship you have?

  1. Where are you most prone to to break Covenant with God due to disobedience?

  1. Just knowing you have a Covenant with God should change our entire attitude about life, our lifestyle, our confidence, our relationships and our intimacy with God. Do you understand the Covenant? Strive to do so.

  1. Phone #: 530-881-1000 Participant Access Code: 651737#

  1. God is commited to you becasue of Jesus & His sacrifice. We owe God Allegiance, Praise, Obedience and a Testimony!!

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