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On The Brink: A Favorable Position

On The Brink: A Favorable Position

Favorable Position= Mindset that acknowledges the presence of God’s plan @ all times.

This is the story of a CONQUEST (territorial, geographical, mental, spiritual, theological and personal).

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Josh 1:3

You set your foot i.e.

  • Tuition reimbursement (you get a B ave & you’ll be reimbursed)
  • Jump and I catch you.
  • God “I promise & I must walk it out!”

God basically tells Joshua... “just go...I’m with you!!”

Favor is a serious thing with God because it is NEVER personal...only!!!

    • God is very concerned about the development of the individual being used
    • God doesn’t pick favorites arbitrarily

A person who desires to walk in favor needs to discern the times (seasons, needs, harsh realities, impending dangers, etc.

When God’s call comes...things are already in motion. Time is of the essence.

  • The Favorable Position is the last big step into our promised land/destiny

      • This will either be internal or how you internally process the external. This MAJOR step of victory is totally up to you!!!

    • In Joshua..those who hid idols refused to receive the true blessing of the promised land...which was to be freed of idolatry and worship God

    • They went as far as they could...then God showed up! Favor=the last step of the physical crossing.

Favor=God’s provision for God’s task. Otherwise, God is reduced to a fickle parent and a God of favoritism. This leads to discord and rivalry. True favor is designed for Godly gain, not human devices. (Segue into Joseph’s Story)

People confuse being the favorite and being favored!

Story of Joseph The Dreamer: Blessing or Curse?

  • Favored by his father (Colorful coat)
  • Bratty towards his brothers
  • Ambushed and thrown in a hole
  • Sold into slavery (Midianites)
  • Sold to Ishmeelites
  • Sold to Potiphar, Captain of Egyptian Army
  • Framed by Potiphar’s wife
    • (Test of Character...favor vs. favorite...entitlement vs. discipline and respect for God and man)

  • ☛Because favor is at God’s discretion, it is given on the basis of their usefulness to God...not their maturity, ability or talent.

  • ☛In the case of Joseph, he demonstrated immaturity and brattiness and as a result he suffered things that allowed his character to catch up with his favor!

  • ☛It was several years before he was ready to experience the full power of God and to fulfill the purpose for which he was created, chosen and favored.
      • ☞Human nature is blame God for the delay...= we still lack maturity!

  • ™What impedes your brinking is your refusal of the breaking from the things on which you're banking that aren’t God-centered...hence toxic to your purpose!

™True FAVOR emerges when individuals grasp that theirs and God’s destinies intertwine into what is called PURPOSE.

Challenge for this week: 1. Read about Esther, David, Rahab positioned themselves to be blessed by God. 2. Where are you NOT setting your foot and how is that limiting God? 3. What Character issues is God currently addressing in your life (fear, honesty, integrity, anger, discipline)? 4. Study: Romans 12:2 Don’t be transformed by the renew of your mind; 2 Cor 10.5 Cast down imaginations and reasonings that compete against truth;

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Gen 50.20

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