Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Payoff: Hush Money (Matt 28:5-15 NIV) Sunday, April 14

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Message: The Payoff: Hush Money (Matt 28:5-15 NIV)

Series: The Resurrection Report: What Eyewitnesses Said They Saw.

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Application, Challenge & Next Steps:

*Thrust of sermon is that satan still tries to bribe us be silent about the full truth of what we believe about Jesus’ power! He believes that if we’re silent...the resurrection will lose some of its a way, he’s right!

I want the guards story to become our story. I want his conviction to become ours. We can give the bribery $$$ back!


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Judas...they world’s most notorious traitor...somehow knew that he deserved death more than reward for what he’d done.

  • Before harming himself...he returned the money
  • He thought he could live with himself with the blood money...
  • He refused to die with himself with the blood money...

  • ▻We try to keep the bribery $$$ and still worship Jesus!

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What’s your price?

What did the system offer you to keep silent about what you know about Jesus?

  • Prestige?
  • Popularity?
  • Comfort?
  • Normalcy?
  • Safety?

▻Perhaps we aren’t silent about Jesus’ resurrection...but we’re silent...or indifferent...about our own resurrection.

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The call from God today isn’t to punish us for our comprise and our hush money

The call of God today is to enjoy the power of His Son’s Resurrection and to become a part of the Kingdom that God has established.... His Son Jesus is the Sovereign Ruler over that Kingdom.

Stop being silent!

▻Stop being silent about your faith, your healing, your miracles, your dreams, your call. (Pray for boldness)
▻Stop being silent out of lack of information (Get into God’s word)
▻Stop being silent out of fear. Accept Jesus’ resurrection power into your life. (Pray with someone)

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