Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poem: Adam, Where Are You?

Adam, Where Are You?

It’s a beautiful day.

Life is good.

God is near.

All of creation yearns for God’s attention. His smile. His shear joy with what He’s created.

The solar systems are affirmed by Him.

The sun wants to be seen by Him.

The waters stir and ripple at the thought of Him.

The hills leap to get his attention.

And the birds…the birds…sing untainted praise to Him.

All longing to be close to God

All longing for time with God

But right now, God has an important appointment.

A daily appointment

It happens in the cool of the day.

Is it time yet?

Is it evening yet?

It’s time to meet with Adam?
Do you see him?
Adam, where are you?
Adam never misses our meetings, God says to Himself

Something has gone wrong, I feel it.
Something has gone wrong, I can tell.
I tell you, something is wrong.

Adam… where are you?
Something was missing. Man was not his usual place.

He missed the mark.
He missed His meeting with God. His meeting with destiny. His briefing on life. He missed a meeting that every person who has ever lived, has always wanted…access.

Adam had it.
God’s ear.
God had access.
Adam’s ear.

Until today!

Adam had a new god. Although that wasn’t what he was looking for.
Adam had a new love. Although it wasn’t what he was looking for.
Adam had a new identity. Although it wasn’t what he was looking for.
Adam had new wardrobe. Although it wasn’t what he was lookin for.

Adam now has godly knowledge, but unfortunately, he no longer has godly character to harness all that knowledge.

So Adam is thinking big things with little character
And Adam is seeing great things with a small perspective
And Adam’s new god is cursing him and accusing him and belittle him and
tempting him and telling him his Old God hates him now.

Meanwhile, his Old God is missing Adam more than words could expressing and is thinking to Himself that there is no price He wouldn’t pay to get Adam back and back into proper position, back on the mark.

Adam has a new lens through which sees everything and it make him see things real clearly…
He can see he’s naked…and that’s bad
He can see that Eve’s naked… and that’s bad
He can see that Eve can see that he’s naked…and that’s really bad
And he can see that Eve can’t be trusted…so he sews organic boxers to hide his jewels so his queen won’t see.

And he hides in the woods because his new lens helps him to see his old God with fresh perspective.

►Is that The God I used to trust? He looks scary.
►Is that The God I used to laugh with? He looks so serious.
►Is that really the God that used to fill me with warmth and gladness? He makes me so nervous now for some reason.

And Adam hides in the woods because he is certain that a God like that…could now possible love a man like this!!

►Adam has a new god.
►The new god doesn’t love him
►They new god won’t affirm him
►The new god won’t teach him how to love and honor his wife
►The new god will continue to tell him to hide from his wife
►The new god wont’ helps him settle sibling rivalry issues with his sons
►The new god will try to kill him before the real god can die for him
►And the new god will do his best to defile the image of God that lives in Adam’ soul

And the beauty that God created us to behold, and care for, has just been stolen from human beings in the garden.

And the enemy slithers on his rough belly to his throne where he will attempt to out-rein the reining God of the world…using Adam as his pawn.

And suddenly there is:

Murder & mayhem
Pain & suffering
Sibling rivalry
Lust for power
More curses
Abandoned children
Wrecked marriages
Human trafficking
Mind control
Civil war
World wars
Tribal wars
Cold wards
Nuclear wars
Genetic cleansing wars
And Race wars

There will be:

Human suffrage
World hunger
Millions of starving children
Millions of homeless families
Millions of single mothers
Millions of displaced fathers
Millions of refugee infants
Millions of broken hearts

And humanity will smoke and drink and eat and snort and consume…
Whatever we can get our hands on.

Because we miss meeting Old God in the garden in the cool of the evening
We miss His Voice
We miss His humor
We miss His slendor
We miss His wonder
We miss even his correction and guidance

New god says that we shouldn’t waste time thinking about that…
New god says that Old God has forgotten us long ago…he only likes the good ones.
And new god tries to console me with food and sex and money and prestige and blow and weed and clothes and grades and stature and looks and cars and houses and fame and stuff…

But I sware that when my heart is real, real still and my the ranting and raving of my racing, fearful heart has finally subsided…

In a distant land… I can almost here a sweet, distinct, and concerned voice of a sad father in-search of His prodigal children…

All the while He’s pacing back and forth, surveying the horizon looking for any sign of their much anticipated return home, saying:

Adam, where are you?
Adam, what have you done?

I know you want to come home, but think you can’t? You think I won’t let you…

And the Old God can’t wait for something that will one day be called Calvary, where He will go very old school on new god and show him an old concept called Unconditional Love.
And Old God…Yahweh God…gave Adam a new chance thru Christ Jesus.

Adam, Adam…where are you?
Raised and seated in Christ Jesus, at your right hand Father!!
Is it the cool of the evening yet?

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