Sunday, April 5, 2009

How Could This Happen?

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Here are some questions that I'd like you to ask yourself this week:

What thing or promise has given you a false sense of security of protection from Judgment?

What do idols look like in our nations? The Church? Our own lives?

Are we just as oblivious to our idol worship as Jerusalem was? Where they hardheaded or blind?

We hear both the voices of love and judgment in this sermon today…which will you hear?

God never forgot Jerusalem. God used the Babylonians to help “disciple” the southern kingdom Do you need this kind of "help" following Jesus?

Closing Challenging Thought:

The Grace that allows God to see the good in us, should allow us to God as a worthwhile subject of our affection and obedience. In short, grace works two-ways. It is not merely having God be good to us when we sin...grace is a force in our hearts that engraves obedience into our hearts as well. Grace should allow us to be faithful to God even when we don't like the way He is doing things.

Have a great week!!

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