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Jesus Christ Superstar Pt.2

Jesus Christ Superstar (Pt. 2)

>1John 12 & Luke 19 passages

The radicalness of God’s love:

Humankind was banished from God’s presence
The radicalness of Jesus=God with us is staggering
The radicalness of being pursued by God is amazing
Jesus wept over Jerusalem because it fending for herself and didn’t realize that God Almighty was fending for her. Still blinded by sin to the goodness of a loving God caused God to weep.
This is a picture which proves that God’s heart has been broken since the fall in Eden

Human’s were dull in their senses concerning the love and presence of God
Jesus needed to invade our space in order to get in our face in order to grab out attention and do something completely radical that would challenge and overturn their perception of God

God would establish a law system just to come and fulfill it on our behalf!!

Sin in Eden--->Promise of Messiah---->Messiah Comes---->
People only see Him via the lens of their greed---->He parades in like a sheep which is led to slaughter----->Weeps over Jerusalem because it is still blind----->Cleanses the temple to show that his commitment to judgement is just as strong as his commitment to love.

(This is true because God rejects no one---His nature will not allow it. He can only be rejected...a deliberate act of the human will.)

Sacrifice is proof that you can see again!!
Everyone who sees only their own need and entitlements will not sacrifice to God

Mary perceived who Jesus really was and sacrificed oil that was worth a years’s wages ($16K)

That’s why he said radical stuff like:
Love me more than mother and father
Don’t put your hand on the plow and look back
Let the dead bury the dead
Take up your cross and follow me

This all seemed extreme to those who were still “dead” & “blind”. It is the ONLY response to the one who has had an epiphany of the love and provision of God.

John Stott (Incomparable Christ) “It was not a visitation, but an incarnation. He became a human being in Jesus of Nazareth. The paradox is amazing. The Creator assumed the human frailty of creature. The eternal one entered time. The all-powerful made himself vulnerable.The all-holy exposed himself to temptation. And in the end the immortal died.”

Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem:
Brothers don’t believe in him (John 7:3-5)
People are tired of Jesus’ guessing games. “Tell us who you are!” (John 10.24)
Although he is a wanted man, Jesus goes to Bethany to raise Lazarus from the dead and he also proclaims that he is the Resurrection & the Life! (John 11)
Many follow Jesus because of this (v. 45)
Caiaphas (High Priest) states that it’s better for one man to die than a whole nation (v. 49-50)
Jesus becomes a recluse (v. 54-57) until he returns to the scene of the crime in John 12 when he rides in to Jerusalem on a donkey.

Pray to see this resurrection celebration with new eyes
When God is truly perceived (this is the work of the Holy Spirit), we must respond with sacrificial living
God Almighty suffered because of our sins, are we really too blind to see that we will also. They good news is that we don’t have to if we chose not to.
Use your God given option called Choice!

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