Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Mistake

Lesson Scripture: Mark 12:24-31
Background Scripture: Dt. 6:4-5

(Covenant outlines the following...)
Designed: By God in His image & likeness. An intentional connection that he’s made.
Defined: Chosen people who aid in God’s reconnection plan by living in Divine connection with the Creator. We belong to God in a loving relationship.
Assigned: We have purpose, hence our calling is a holy thing.
Aligned: We have been given power to pursue that purpose and live it out in our world.


  • God bound Himself by His covenant (God made Himself accountable)

  • Covenant meant security/guarantee
    • Anchor of soul
    • Hold upon God as a Covenant-God

  • Law was written for people’s encouragement

  • OT: What man can do to keep covenant
  • NT: What God can do to keep covenant

  • Law outlined the history of Israel (i.e. the Ezekiel passage... “When Israel was young...”

  • The beginning or reason for Scripture (written records of oral instruction and reflection) began with the Covenant @ Sinai.

  • It was the Covenant that was recorded...and this recorded Covenant is the basis for our charter that makes us a new creation.

  • Relationship of God with fallen man is not = what the father had with man before the fall.

New Covenant in MY blood*


  • I began writing because of my daughter... I wanted her to know my nature and understand me.

Mark 12:
  • Jesus is teaching the disciples just before his death
  • His authority is challenged a lot.
  • Sadducees had a crazy example
  • Jesus explains that not one marries in the heaven

Challenge/Next Steps
  • Decide to tackle the bible. Ask God for passion, guidance, discipline,  knowledge and wisdom

  • Commit to joining a bible study, begin attending Wednesday night Intentional Discipleship Class

  • Assess your cost of NOT knowing the details of your design, definition, assignment, and alignment.

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