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Pentecost = the Birthday of The Church, But Where Is The Guest of Honor?

“...God is concerned about the spiritual, physical, and social dimensions of our being. The whole gospel is truly good news for the poor, and it is the foundation for a social revolution that has the power to change the world. And if this was Jesus’ mission, it is also the mission of all who claim to follow Him. It is my mission, it is your mission, and it is the mission of the Church.”  (Excerpt from Hole in Our Gospel by Rich Stearns, World Vision CEO)

“We have shrunk Jesus to the size where He can save our soul but now don’t believe He can change the world.” ---Anonymous

Pentecost = the Birthday of The Church, but Where Is The Guest of Honor?
Acts 1:6-8; Isaiah 61

What is the Good News?
  • The arrival of the Kingdom and rule of God 

  • It has been inaugurated by the birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension and empowerment of the Church via Jesus Christ Himself

Genesis-Malachi ~ Story Overview (God’s Partnership with Humanity)
  • God goes first. No one is called to God.
  • God establishes partnership 
  • God endorses partnership
  • Sin emerges and interrupts the partnership, dulls senses, creates a “self-help” consciousness
  • Noah
  • Abraham
  • Jacob
  • Moses
  • Tabernacle
  • Judges and Kings
  • David’s Family Lineage
  • Major & Minor Prophets
  • 400 years of silence
  • Messiah
  • Holy Spirit
  • Church
  • We have become God’s chosen and betrothed people.

Will we...are we self-indulgent repeat the same sins as Israel?
Greatest Strength of the Church: It’s Mission; it’s God; it’s Power; It’s Witness

Greatest Weakness of the Church: It’s comfort; Its self-absorption & self-reliance; its fairytale understanding of Scripture; Its oblivion to its mission.

It’s taken millennia to move from Eden to Calvary; from Sinai to Pentecost in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. In 2000 years we have moved from cutting edge world-changers to egocentric money-changers who are addicted to status quo! #Geeisms

I must repent to the people of God:
  • I talk more clearly about the call to membership than I do discipleship
  • The Church is God’s vehicle for training, empowering and releasing His solution; The Church is not the Solution...Christ and His message are!


  • Jackie Hunt:
  • Jacquesha Hunt:
  • Kaleem Caire:
  • Kim Barovich:
  • Autumn Swain
  • Terry Crawford
  • Gloria Zeller
  • Antony Ward
  • Michael Johnson:
  • Door Creek Church: Boomerangs
  • Andy Anderson and Chris Rudolph
  • Grace Episcopal Church:
  • Renee Daniels: 
  • Roxanne & Team:
  • Brian & Tracey & Team:
  • Alexandra Gee-Lewis:
  • Lexi Gee
  • Terryence & Kira:
  • Xians in Thailand who did make-up and hair for prostitutes
  • Countless others

Building this church is a test!
  • This is a test of our faith!!
  • This is a test to help us know what we are capable of doing via Christ’s power.

  • Pray walks
  • Cookouts for neighbors 
  • Meals to elderly
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Hospice concerts
  • Emergency shelter for homeless families and women escaping domestic violence
  • Detonating the self-loathing soul-bomb that exploding and imploding with our marginalized youth and teaching them their beauty and worth.

  • Pimps know how to find the weak and defenseless and make profit from them
  • Gang leaders know how to spot loneliness and talent and make profit from them
  • Drug dealers know how to find the afflicted and easily addicted and make profit from them

  • Liquor stores know how to spot hurting neighborhoods and make profit from them and Where is the Church?

  • Prisons and corrupt systems know how to find 3 grade boys who can’t read....

  • What do we see when we look outside?
    • Something or someone to avoid?
    • Something to redeem?
    • Someone who needs hope?

Why the gardens? Why the SMCCC? Why the extra classrooms?

Because the King has come and he’s about the liberate the prisoners and they need somewhere to go and something to do after their release?

It’s the birthday of the Church and we need to grow up and act our age and not our show size! 

Come to the party! Invite others! No one wants to party alone...especially God.

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