Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reforming the Reformers (Vision Day 2014)

Nehemiah 8:1-11

Reformation comes with commitment to understand God’s mind, God’s message, God’s mission and God’s mandates. (The Word)

➣Josiah in 2 Kings 22
➣Ezra and Nehemiah
➣1st Century Church

The Kingdom is where God’s RULE is witnessed
Universal Church is where God’s NATURE is witnessed
Unity of Believers is where God’s GRACE is witnessed
Transformed communities are where God’s POWER is witnessed

God’s purpose turns us from a:
  • Hurried Life
  • “Me” centered life
  • Powerless life
  • Purposeless life

Why were people crying as Ezra read?
  • Word put their lives: historical, spiritual, financial, national, cultural, future...into perspective!

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Next Steps: 

  1. Commit to this community
    1. Regular Attendance
    2. Involvement
    3. Generosity
    4. Pray for vision, body, leaders, community, revival
    5. Invite others

  1. Decide where you enter our formula and commit yourself to community (accountability); Study (stability) and training (ability).

  1. Commit yourself to the process of personal, corporate and societal transformation.

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