Sunday, January 11, 2015

A New Launch

Luke 5 (Bible account)

  • People were crowding around & listening to the word of God
  • saw two boats on the water’s edge (Peter & Simon’s boats); He climbed in the one that was Peter’s and asked his to push from shore & began to teach
  • after preaching…he preached to peter
  • reluctant fisher obeyed & let down the net
  • they signaled other partners to help them. They began to sink
  • Peter asked Jesus to go away from him. Peter was convicted They were astonished
  • Jesus told Peter to not be afraid
  • Their best business day was their last

  • Jesus had already be presented at the temple; baptized in the Jordan; tempted in the wilderness; preached his first sermon; life threatened (again) in Judea; he now sought people with whom we could work and build. (Today He’s still doing that. Right here)
  • Jesus used two preaching strategies…one pulpit..The crowd/Inner Circle
  • Jesus didn’t ask permission to enter boat
  • He asked Peter to chauffeur him
  • After he finished preaching~ he turns to Peter and takes him “deeper” ~ Deeper = Out of our control.
  • Then Jesus started “meddlin’”
  • Carpenter’s don’t know nuthin’ about no fishing…it’s morningit’s hot…the fish have gone deep to cool themselves…Ugh!!!

  • Peter called Jesus “Master” at first in verse 5 & Peter calls Jesus “Lord” in verse 8 as he kneels
Theological Realities:

  1. Jesus demonstrates to would-be followers the Arm of God
    1. Why? We only know God as God reveals Himself to us
  2. God’s revelation always comes with power! 
    1. Power to grasp: first with our eyes…then our minds (understanding)…then our hearts
  3. Jesus demonstrates here what he came to earth to do…speak to us in a manner in which we can receive.
    1. There men were fishermen, not priests/pastors or biblical experts.
      1. First: We see God, again, choosing outsiders
      2. 2ndly: We see God speaking to them in their language by entering their world…their sphere of influence. I’m sure NO ONE know those waters the way they did* (Scuba trip)
      3. 3rdly: We see God demonstrating authority over nature.

  1. We witness the evolution of Peter’s praise: Master—> Lord.
(Master): superintendent or overseer (Positional)

(Lord) Orig: from kuros (supremacy); supreme in authority, i.e. (as noun) controller; by implication, Master (as a respectful title):-- God, Lord, master, Sir. 1a) the possessor and disposer and controller of a thing; 2) in the state: the sovereign, prince, chief, the Roman emperor 
  1. Jesus to Peter, whose jaw had dropped, close your mouth!


➣Provoked (taunt/incite) ~ Invoked (ask for aid to overcome) ~ Evoked (call back to away from something old to something new & improved)

3 things are about to occur in your life:

  1. Jesus is about to provoke you to go deeper and He’s about to get to meddlin’ in stuff you don’t think he understands. He’s going to “provoke” you. 

  1. He’s going to give you such a conviction that you are on his radar that you will “invoke” His presence like never before.

  1. When/as you do…He is going to evoke you and call you away from scenarios, entanglements, schemes, distractions, false- imprisonments and self-sabbotage-masked-as-success

~We’re launching deeper in this season
~We’re calling out to Jesus for solutions, not band-aids!
~We’re leaving our busyness and following Jesus with our entire lives
~We’re about to find greater purpose!!!

~We’re not church members…we’re the people of God

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