Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Are You Crying Out To Me?

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  1. Grow in discernment via obedience and knowledge of God’s word to know when you should march
  2. Don’t waste your life praying (mindless religious acts that never require you to get out the boat); just because it’s ridiculous doesn’t mean it’s God
  3. Pray is what we do until God tell us what to do. It is the most we can do until God tells us what to do next!
  4. When God tells us to move…everything else is foolishness, wasteful and disobedience
    God tells us to move from “here” when he knows that the enemy will soon be “here”

Carryout: Ask God to show you places where you are in a religious rut…not acting… saying “God knows my heart”, etc. And pray for release because you don’t want to be here when the enemy arrives.


April said...
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April said...

But laughing aside, could someone give their take on the Tent of Meeting and the Testimony of the tabernacle in Exodus. God has already spoken to me about the structure of the tabernacle reflecting the heavenlies. I'm still missing the puzzle piece on the Tent of Meeting and the Testimony. Is the Tent of Meeting related to how we come before the throne? Someone enlighten me on this.

April said...

Okay so.....God has had me studying the book of Exodus for over a month. He has me in a place where I am studying the books instead of just reading them entirely and moving on to the next one. I have been asking God on direction and He has clearly told me where to go but I have been trying to change His mind. So when this sermon came up, God and I laughed together. So God gave me a kick in the behind for not moving. It's funny because when I read this passage over the past month, I thought it was funny that God had told Moses to tell the people to get their behinds in gear. But clearly God was talking to me too!

Dmitri said...

This sermon really got me thinking about the places in my life where I'm "wandering in the desert" -- specifically, in not knowing what is next for me in my career. The old thing is over, and the new thing, whatever it will be, hasn't begun yet. I've been in a middle space, with the question... Does God have something planned for me, or am I just wandering randomly?

Learning about the wandering of the children of Israel helped reframe that "wandering" in my life.

Usually, when I feel like there's an area of my life where I'm "wandering in the desert," I feel ashamed of it, try to hide it, and look for physical evidence that I'm "on the right track," and that God is there.

Now I'm really starting to see a new point to "wandering in the desert"... Learning to believe more deeply in God, and trust HIM with my future... BEFORE there is any physical "evidence" that there is a point to my wandering, just as the people of Israel had to learn to trust.

It's really opening something in me to feel that He wants me to learn to believe and to trust His light, BEFORE there is any evidence of it. I'm starting to see the power of being able to live from the light of what is coming, before that light is even revealed. That is a good place to be.

That's the gift of the wandering for me. Thanks for a great sermon to open that up!