Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why Are You So Angry?

Reflection Questions:

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Although this lesson isn't merely about anger or jealousy, but rather the deterioration of relationships. Reflect upon a time when emotions caused you to cause damage to an important relationship.

Journal about the emotion you felt.

Does that emotion still master you?

How easily are you mastered by your emotions?

Which emotions give you the most trouble?

How have you attempted to work through this? Counseling? Accountability with a friend? Prayer? Word study?

God's command to Cain was to "Master this!" Consider how you may use this Lenen season to reflect upon your need for God's assistance in this area of your life.

Be blessed this week. Be a blessing this week.

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Lena said...

When reflecting upon destructive emotions that I personally experience, anger and frustration easily make their way to the top of the list. But most concerning to me is the sense of "nonchalance" that I feel at times. "Nonchalance", likely characterized as a "lack" of emotion, seems even more destructive than the other intense emotions, as nonchalance seems to signify a hardening of heart which, of course, cannot be godly. My prayer is that God would place His heart in me and remove all callousness.