Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still Mometum Sermon Notes

Sermon Title: Still Momentum
Scriptural Text: Psalm 46.10 & Mark 1:9-13 NIV
Background Text: Deuteronomy 4:35; 1 Kings 18:39; Psalm 100:3; Isaiah 37:16; Isaiah 37:20; Isaiah 43:11; Isaiah 45:21; Ezekiel 36:23 

Sermon Point #1

Jesus was whisked off into the wilderness right after the most affirming moment of His adult life. He faced temptation in three ares:

  1. Temptation of self-sufficiency
  2. Temptation to live a reckless life (God knows my heart)
  3. Quick easy fixes that painless

Sermon Point #2

What God gives us is so powerful & Heavenly that He has to make sure it doesn’t corrupt us.

Sermon Point #3 

Jesus’ challenge was to leave the wilderness with:

  • A sense of calling when there is no audible affirmation
  • A sense of God’s closeness when life is hard
  • A knowledge of truth when the enemy is attempting to pervert scripture

Challenge Questions & Next Steps:

  • Why does the Spirit lead us into the wilderness?
  • How are you most tempted to busy yourself when God is trying communicate with you?

→Don’t assume that a season of isolation and testing means that God has abandoned you.

→Read and pray the background scriptures to hear God’s plea with humans to allow Him to be in control of their lives. Listen for God’s call to you in these scriptures. Answer when He calls out to you.

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