Sunday, September 8, 2013

Message Title: Pressing (11 Signs of Hope from FOL)

*In this message I am following Paul's example in Philippians of telling the church how encouraged he was by their faith. Today I explained eleven sings of hope at FOL that reminded me of God's pleasure with our progress and faith. Be encouraged!

Pressing (Philippians 3)

My Joys: (Signs of Spiritual vitality that let me know that God is up to something spectacular)

Vision is unfolding @ FOL (Building Completed)
God is pleased and people have a mind to work

Vision begets vision (When vision is fulfilled people begin to trust God for even more)
Principles of momentum kick in.
The unthinkable and unimaginable being to happen

Shared Legacy
Our destinies are intertwined
Solana Marie Woodland's dedication

Young People...
Young women emerge as Servant Leaders
Kira, Terynce, Ali & Lexi
Young Adults (Project X) Intercessors and emerging!!!! (Reminder of our past)
All is pushing FOL to seriously dive into Youth Leadership Development

Diversity Continues
Culturally and denominationally as well as socio-economically

Fellowship is returning
Great Church Picnic
Friday night fellowship is coming this fall

Intensifying intentional discipleship
Adult bible class & Adult Sunday School
Youth Sunday school
Foundations Class
My book group with men to grow as husbands and fathers (young generals soon)

Taking our neighboring community seriously
Spanish Table
ESL Trainings
Emergence of Spanish speakers to FOL
Bible studies in Spanish
Children’s ministry to Latino children in our area

More male presence on Sundays!!!
Young men
Men with their families

Reentry Work
Acknowledge Jerome, Karen, Coop & others
Invite church to September 17th event

Car wash and community partners
Door Creek

I am looking forward to:
  • Spiritual gifts and talent assessment
  • Evangelism &  World missions
  • Bookstore
  • October Fast & Corporate prayer
  • October Sermon series on Markers of Healthy Congregations
  • Church Vitality Process beginning in October
  • President Gary Walter is visiting FOL in October to celebrate with us

Challenge to FOL: Be faithful to what God is speaking to your heart. Be a diligent student of His word. Be a Good Samaritan to those in need. Be available to the Holy Spirit. Get connected ASAP.

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