Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Great Faithfulness of our Loving God (Lamentations 3:22-25)

*Recap of a portion of the 11-signs of hope @ FOL
**Kira Hogan and Terynce Roach will share toda re: their missions trip this summer

✔Vision begets vision
Principles of momentum kick in.
The unthinkable and unimaginable being to happen

✔Young People...
Young women emerge as Servant Leaders
Kira, Terynce, Ali & Lexi
Young Adults (Project X) Intercessors and emerging!!!! (Flashback)
All is pushing FOL to seriously dive into Youth Leadership Development

✔Intensifying intentional discipleship

✔Taking our neighboring community seriously

Spanish Table
✔Reentry Work
Acknowledge Jerome, Karen, Coop & others
Invite church to September 17th event

Looking forward to:
  • October Fast & Corporate prayer
  • October Sermon series on Markers of Healthy Missional Congregations

Part 2 (God will not forsake His people because God cannot forsake His people)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

*Let’s get over ourselves! God’s faithfulness Has God pursuing get the job done!

Seasons!!!! (God is moving among us...act like young fishermen: bait/switch


Develop leaders (Contributes significantly to our Missional Momentum)
  • Recruit mentors & coaches for life long leadership development
  • Specifically: Develop young leaders 

God’s Word We are illuminated by the Spirit
Relationships We are united by the Spirit
Outward Action We are directed by the Spirit
Worship We are ignited by the Spirit

*Sustained spiritual & congregational growth will not happen outside of this process.

G: Wednesdays, Sundays, Small Groups, Devotional, Book Groups, Audio Bible

R: Fellowship Opportunities...We are family and must act like it

O: Exit To Serve (I want an ETS booth every Sunday w/ growth opportunities)

W: Responsiveness to God (lifestyle, stewardship, prayer). Worship = Selfless Maturity on display!!

**Transformation is a function of the sum of each of these. Transformation is the process by which God occupies more territory in our lives and perceptions.

***Transformation on this level will kick FOL’s “Missional Momentum” into high gear!

Challenge: Ask God for a transformation that is a proliferation of the salvation at which point the Angels in Heaven rejoiced over your choice! The angels didn’t rejoice because you merely converted...they rejoiced in that your salvation was the beginning of the end of our sad, personal, selfish & very limited reign and control in life and the beginning of God’s hold on planet Earth...through brand new ways.

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