Sunday, November 24, 2013

Heaven Can Wait Part 2 (Series Wrap-up)

  • Earth = A place for God’s glory 
  • God’s dwelling place is Holy to Him
    • Theology of place: Holy Ground...A piece of God remains where He touches down.

✔God has always had a remnant

✔God has always called and sent:

  • We like being called and chosen
  • We shirk being sent & assigned

-----> Called Out!

  • Adam/Eve
  • Ark
  • Egypt
  • Small Family, Small Tribe, Small Country, Small Nation...

[Trouble happens when the called refuses to  be sent!]

✔We blew it...disobeyed...became “important” in our own eyes

As a result...God called out and sent His own Son to achieve something that we could not...Perfection...obedience...faithfulness...acceptance by God.

✔Again! God sends...God goes...God is on a mission!

  • Burning bush
  • Lion’s Den
  • Egypt
  • Elijah’s cave
  • Hagar in the wilderness
  • David out in a field
  • Shepherds keeping watch
  • Sinai Bethlehem
Ten Missional Markers are important to me as your pastor & to us as a congregation:

  • It’s not what we do. It is how we do...

  • We look up (To Go for inspiration & power)
  • We in (Transformation by God for God)
  • We look out (Towards & for...each other)

✔ We’ve gone as far as we can human go in leading this great ministry!


  • Humans typically promote what we can control, benefit from & take credit for!

When we seek God’s Son & His Mission.....

  • The Presence of God is released IN incredibly powerful & grace filled ways

  • God reveals-------->exposes us. (Result: The atmosphere changes!


  • What does it mean to not actively join in God’s mission?

  • How does all these discussions are “missional living” change my thoughts about what it means to be a Christian?


  • Engage in God’s mission! Inasmuch as we can help offer opportunities and/or training for that, join us.

  • This might not be what you signed up for, however, it is exactly what you were called by God become. Where do you stand? (Is it enough to just be called? Will you experience God’s joy of being sent?)

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