Sunday, March 2, 2014

The New Table (Empowerment)

Contract~Contact~Impact (Act~ing) 

➢God’s empowerment comes upon us as we find ways to empower others
➢Those who were sent and spent by God were those who went for God

  1. Probably didn’t have a true sense of his worth or identity
  2. Had royal blood in his veins but no avenue for living it out
  3. Called into community to show God’s compassion...he was @ the table
  4. He was resourced independently of David. He was resourced appropriately.
  5. He ate with the king’s son...heard their strategies, their conquests & their dreams. He got to hear how empowered people think! 
  6. He had to first change his address!

➢Empowerment is not merely about being trained and sent...
●Empowerment is about being released by a community...
●Because your empowerment benefits the community...

➢Empowerment is about being fueled & resourced for what you were created for

➢Empowerment is dangerous~ it removes all *excuses

➢An empowered person is not a devoured person, or soured  person or coward person.

But rather...a towered person, a flowered person and a showered person.

*When empowering...God has already assessed where you're limited by reality (which He can change); by your limited perceptions of Him (which you must be willing to have changed); and by your limited understanding of yourself in Christ (which is the hardest to change)

Before Mephibosheth was empowered...a few things happened first:

  • David, while considering his own blessings...sought to bless others
  • The thought of others caused him to ask about Saul’s legacy
  • Because Mephibosheth was seated at the table, he could empower someone else with his own god-given resources.
Next steps: 1. Get to a new table. 2. Get around those who awaken God’s Dream within you. 3. Try a Life Group

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