Sunday, July 13, 2014

Business as Usual (Acts of Service Which Grow Out of Acts of Worship)

Message Title: Business as Usual (Acts of Service Which Grow Out of Acts of Worship)
Series Title: Words of Life 
Message Text:  St. John 6:43-56 & 60-67 (Sunday, July 13, 2014)

Four things I was taught as a new believer:

  1. God is real
  2. God is concerned with my life and affairs. God is rooting out of me & rooting for me.
  3. Any intimate interaction with God brought about lasting transformation
  4. Christianity would likely take my life (As a kid, I expected to die via martyrdom)

✺ I believe that the early church learned similar things about faith in Christ. We need to get back to the true business of Christ’s Church: Transformation

➣What was the “usual” business of the Church? Bringing healing, help and hope to destitute individuals, societies and systems as a demonstration of God’s power & love which grows out of worship & unity which = Communion with God.

*Message: God infiltrated the world for a distinctly strategic purpose
→God became human, poor, despised, hunted, belittled, accused, denied

*Journey: God infiltrated this world in order to find those who would dissent from the dark status quo of society and reveal the modus operandi of God.
→The work of God is always done in part, in community

*Landing: The dissenters assent when they are not intimately connected to the heart and mind of God.
We’ve got to wake up and pay attention. This life isn’t the reward. This is work.

*Knowing: Heaven is riding on you. Better stated, Heaven is excited about the prospect of the Kingdom...or authoritative rule of God...through you.
The salvation we have received is an invitation to suit up and join the action
→Business as usual for the people of God was fully displaying the Grace of God

Response: Determine what true communion with God will cost you & pay it. Jesus is knocking...(Jesus Christ has sent you a friend request)...and seeking communion.

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