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Mary's Why (2012 Christmas Celebration Program)

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Sermon Title: Mary’s Why
Sermon Theme: Shared Legacy
Aim: That believer’s will know their Why

He cares for me, his humble servant. From now on, all people will say God has blessed me. (Luke 1:48 CEV)
48 because he has ·shown his concern for [noticed; looked favorably on] his ·humble [lowly] servant girl [1 Sam. 1:11]. [L For look/T behold] From now on, all ·people [L generations] will ·say that I am [call me] blessed [Ps. 138:6], (Luke 1:48 EXB)
Mary’s miracle was costly and embarrassing

☛ Good News: Not only good because of what it stated, but to whom it stated!

☛ God’s fate...and plan for the world is in the hands...and wombs...of two willing women

  • God sends messages to...(Luke’s account):
    • Zechariah from priestly family of Abijah (Luke 1/ 1 Chronicles 24)
    • One month later God sent Gabriel to Nazareth to Mary who was about 15 years old (Lk 1.26) & told her about Jesus and about Elizabeth/John (Lk 1.36)
      • Mary leaves Nazareth for Galilee to see Cousin Elizabeth
    • Elizabeth hears Mary’s voice and John leaps in her womb
      • Elizabeth confirms God’s gift and Gabriel’s message to Mary.
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Mary’s Song: (Luke 1.46-55)
  • So be it
  • I praise God because He cares for me and the humble
  • He drags rulers from their thrones and scatters the proud
  • He feeds the hungry
  • He is always merciful to His people
  • The made this promise to Abraham and our ancestors... (Shared Legacy!)
    • This was Mary’s Why!

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What did the why cost her? 

Positioning yourself for a miracle
  • Accept it’s reality...miracles defy reality and reason.
    • The acceptance of God’s promise is the end of normal life!

  • Accept it’s’ll make you an outcast (My grandmother’s story re: Popoff)

  • Travel to nurture it...put yourself out!

  • Hang with miracle magnets


Umbilically connected with God 

  • Joined together by or heavily dependent in a close relationship.

  • Adjacent to or located near the navel; 

  • Serving as or containing a conduit through which power is transferred, 

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The umbilical cord carries nourishment from the mother to the fetus and metabolic waste from the fetus to the mother via the blood circulation. The umbilical cord enters the fetus in the center of its abdomen. The umbilical arteries carry blood from the fetus to the placenta, which delivers oxygen and NUTRIENTS to the blood. The umbilical vein then carries the oxygenated blood back to the fetus. ( encyclopedia of health)

Because o the faith and faithfulness of Mary: “THE SON OF THE MOST HIGH WAS “UMBILICALLY”TIED TO A LOWLY JEWISH GIRL” ~ Gire from his Moments Series
77 You will tell his people that they can be saved when their sins are forgiven. 78 God’s love and kindness will shine upon us like the sun that rises in the sky. 79 On us who live in the dark shadow of death this light will shine to guide us into a life of peace. (Luke 1.77-79 CEV) ~ Zechariah to his son, John at his

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