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We Interrupt The Regularly Scheduled Program...

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Sermon Series: Shared Legacy
Key Scripture:
Sermon Aim: That we’d develop Holy Expectation in this season.

Shared Legacy: A invitation for Creation’s Creator to join forces in life
Legacy: a gift by will especially of money or other personal property : bequest 2 something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past 

  • This is about our Place/Purpose/Position

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Shared Legacy verses:

  • Come, let us reason together (Is 1.18)
  • Let us make man is Our Own Image (Gen 1.26)
  • I will be your Father and you shall be my children (2 Cor 6.18)
  • Where I am, you shall be also (John 17.24)
  • ...That they may be One in us (John 17)
  • ...That they may know that you have loved them as you have loved me (John 17)
  • I am going to my God and your Father and your Father (John 20.17)
  • I have loved you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31.3)
  • The Holy Spirit will take what is mine and reveal it to you (John 14)


Advent: Coming. Expectation. God’s first physical step towards Sharing a Divine Legacy with humanity since Eden.

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What does Advent say to us about the nature of God?
  • What was people’s expectation? What is our expectation now?
  • What was God’s expectation? What is it now?

  • Look at the nuts in Jesus’ family tree: child murderers, prostitution, idolators, outsiders, etc. 

  • Although He’d just arrived~ He’s been pursuing us since the fall.

God’s blood was mingled with tainted blood in order to pull us forward. He had to become “flooded” with weakness and shame of our past in order to PULL us into His glorious future.


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Interruptions! When? Why?

  • The person who interrupts assumes that what they have to say is more important~

What does Advent say to us about the nature of God?

  • He interrupts often
  • He is inconvenient in that He inconveniences

What happened during interruptions? A recalibration of our heart takes place!! (This are not to avoided...that’s why they sneak up on us!”


Mary’s response to the interruptions: “May it be done to you have said.”

  • Theological introspection: Could Mary’s status in life made it harder it easier to say this? Was she accustomed to interruptions?

  • Is that what Jesus meant about Children and the Kingdom?

He told people in the bible: I want to interrupt what was previously order to share something very important with you...

  • He wanted to share something with Mary, Joseph, Israel, Bethlehem, Egypt, Galilee (Nazareth)

Look at the itinerary of Joseph the Carpenter:

  • Met a sweet PYT
  • Got engaged (season of preparing/waiting): God interrupted his waiting!
  • Mary saved herself sexually in order to obey law, tradition and to avoid the embarrassing stigma of unwed pregnancy~ God interrupted that!

  • Note to self: God doesn’t care about your reputation when He’s the one ruining it. HIs destruction of your reputation is very different from your destruction of it.

  • Planned a “quiet divorce”~ God interrupted that!
  • Was a righteous guy~ accepted the culpability of Mary’s illegal lover
  • Takes wife on 80 mile journey on donkey-back while she’s almost ready to deliver
  • Delivers an unplanned pregnancy at an unplanned time in an unplanned place for an unplanned purpose.
  • Inconvenience of strange people wanted to hold your baby (+ words/ - words)
  • Inconvenience of being an enemy of the State
    • Fleeing authorities at night
    • Moving to a foreign country
    • Raising your family in unfamiliar territory (Inconvenience of separation*)

T.D. Jakes asks “Can you stand to be blessed?!”...I ask...
  • Can you stand to be inconvenienced by God?

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Challenge/Next Steps:
  • Study Jesus’ birth (genealogy and actually arrival) in Matt/Luke and ask for new insights that’ll inform your faith
  • What legacy or agreement do you currently have to jeopardizes the Legacy that God wants to Share with you?
  • What expectations have you lost? God wants to restore you and give you a Legacy.

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