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#Perspicacity ~The Practical Art of Spiritual Living and The Spiritual Art of Practical Living.

New Series Title: #Perspicacity

Message Title: #Perspicacity= The Practical Art of Spiritual Living and The Spiritual Art of Practical Living.

Psalm 111

Smart: Showing mental alertness, calculation & resourcefulness. Characterized by quickness.

Intelligence: The ability to comprehend. To understand. To profit from experience. Gathering of information.

Knowledge: The psychological results of perception & learning & reasoning.

Wisdom: Is not mystical insights or deep revelation. In scripture it comes from the a Hebrew word with means “skill of living.” It is not for a selective few. It is common to street smarts or common sense. It has very little to do with what one knows, but rather what one does with that knowledge. It is the practical application of truth. 

*Wise & Intuitive
*From Latin roots meaning “Seeing Clearly”

➤Goods v. Guts
➤Good detective shows act on clues and 

November 2: Wisdom Begins Here    Psalm 111:10  (NIV)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise. 

He recommends the holy fear of God, and conscientious obedience to his commands, as the most acceptable way of praising God, Ps. 111:10.

Good success have all those that do them (so the margin), according to what was promised to Joshua if he would observe to do according to the law. Josh. 1:8; Then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and shalt have good success

Ministry Aim: Grasp the importance of the meaning and application of wisdom
  • More valuable than gold (Prov 3.15)...used for exchange
  • Wealth is associated with increases in worth and offers dividends
  • Jewelry: You’re adorned with it (Prov 3.22)
  • Helps one to succeed (Ecc 10.10)

  • Folly ~ Destructive destiny. Purposeless living (Prov. 5.23)
  • They end up as the guest of Hell (Prov 9.18)

IVP Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
“Whereas the path of folly is a downward slide toward destruction, the progress of wisdom is toward something better...”

i.e. “the path of the righteous is like the light of the dawn, which shines bright and brighter until full day.” (Prov 4.18)

*Looking for it is’s the mind of God!
*Prov 1.7 states that  the beginning point is “fearing God...”

There is a place for intelligence, smarts, and knowledge. 
It’s just that when wisdom trumps those things. It overrides them.

Wisdom is the big joker, Royal Flush, Right Bower, 

Transition To Table......

➤Listen long enough to hear plan AND strategy
➤Rec’v direction and assurance and become resolute
➤Wisdom provides a necessary corrective adjustment to your trajectory
➤Exodus 13 God protected Israel from Israel
➤Exodus 14 God protected Istael from Pharaoh

➤Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord

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