Sunday, November 9, 2014

#Perspicacity Recap from 1st Sunday

I refer to #Perspicacity as the Practical Art of Spiritual Living and Spiritual Art of Practical Living.

Smart: Showing mental alertness, calculation & resourcefulness. Characterized by quickness.

Intelligence: The ability to comprehend. To understand. To profit from experience. Gathering of information.

Knowledge: The psychological results of perception & learning & reasoning.

Wisdom: Is not mystical insights or deep revelation. In scripture it comes from the a Hebrew word with means “skill of living.” It is the practical application of truth. 

*Wise & Intuitive
*From Latin roots meaning “Seeing Clearly”~ which leads to informed action.

  • More valuable than gold (Prov 3.15)...used for exchange
  • Wealth is associated with increases in worth and offers dividends
  • Jewelry: You’re adorned with it (Prov 3.22)
  • Helps one to succeed (Ecc 10.10)

  • Folly ~ Destructive destiny. Purposeless living (Prov. 5.23)
  • They end up as the guest of Hell (Prov 9.18)

IVP Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

“Whereas the path of folly is a downward slide toward destruction, the progress of wisdom is toward something better...”

i.e. “the path of the righteous is like the light of the dawn, which shines bright and brighter until full day.” (Prov 4.18)

*Looking for it is’s the mind of God!

*Prov 1.7 states that  the beginning point is “fearing God...”

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