Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wise guys (Proverbs 3.7): What to do when God doesn’t make sense to us!

Wise guys (Proverbs 3.7): What to do when God doesn’t make sense!

➣What you acknowledge will govern you. It shapes your values. It determines or limits your actions.

What governs our lives?  Pleasure? Guilt? Entertainment? Money?

  • Truth wants to govern our lives and make them potent. 
  • Truth applied = Wisdom...when birthed out of reverence for God
  • This is counter-intuitive

Adam & Eve lost wisdom in the Garden. 
  • Their intel became internal and sensory-based
  • It wasn’t until the arrival of the holy spirit that we were enabled to be filled inwardly with God’s Holy Presence & power.

Acknowledge = YADA: to perceive, understand, acquire, knowledge, discern, sexual intercourse, to appoint. To know by reflecting and revelation.  

"I knew (Yada) you before I formed (Yatsar) you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you... Jeremiah 1:5-7

Do we see God? Potential purpose

Acknowledge (beyond casual acquaintance): Follow~Assimilate into God’s plans

Association: Guild, coalition, volunteers who enter into agreements
Acquiesce: Accept reluctantly but without protest 
Acquaint: Knowledge or experience of something, make familiar, firsthand experience
Acknowledge Admit or accept the truth of something, allow, roger that (telecommunications), concede, give someone a preferred or recognized status, make known the receipt of
Assimilate: Absorb, incorporate

They that wait (serve) the Lord....When it was counter-intuitive

Joseph The Carpenter: Matt 1.20; Matt 1.24; Matt 2.13; Matt 2.19; Matt 2.22

(Emotions: Anger/Embarrassment/Resentment/Pride/Fear/Helplessness/Homelessness/Marginalized/Inconvenienced)

  • Samuel: Speak...I’m waiting for instruction
  • Jehoshaphat...We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are one you
  • Moses...if you don’t go with me, I won’t go
  • Jesus...I do what I see the Father do

So What?

Purpose is God-ordained/ That message of purpose is conveyed to us via scripture, the voice of the Spirit and community/ The response to the intel is wisdom or folly. 
  • Wisdom is the path to purpose, authority, fulfillment and powerful/meaning living.

Our purposes are short-lived and thwarted when we live from our own limited perspectives rather than God’s perspective.

  • We are mortal: weak, self-centered, fickle

  • We are limited by our own experience or the experiences of others
  • As mortals we are driven by our need for relevance (connected) & significance (meaning)
  • We can NEVER see things the way God does unless the are revealed
  • Following that revelation is an act of wisdom and begins with respect for God.

God has been God forever and human for 33 years. Why wouldn’t we want to benefit from that experience?

Next Steps: Make a Wise Move

➣You’re worth too much to merely be a loose canon. You were created to be a dangerously strategic part of God’s plan for healing, loving and transforming the world.

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